Toni Air is a celebrated comedy short about Toni, who dreams of being a pilot, but has been rejected by the Air Force because he is too tall and ridiculously nearsighted.



As with any film, it wasn’t easy pulling this one off, but we did. Here’s a fun look at what it sometimes looks like to shoot a short action comedy. Silly, fun - like this site.



Toni Air is a fictional short film, but the ideas which Toni’s heroic endeavor embodies,

rockets way beyond just that.


Through his unorthodox actions, Toni represents youth, perseverance and fearlessness, whereas flying represents freedom, exploration and broadening of perspective through discovery.



Audience members have been asking for the Toni Air speedo tights. We have promised to deliver. Here they are, available for pre-order.


And while we were at it, we decided to throw in a coupla pieces of Toni gear you could wear for your everyday heroic moments. 


To celebrate the launch, we'll also offer a FREE digital download of the film with every order!



Toni Air hasn't and won't bring its cast and crew money and fame,

as no short fiction does. Yet, they will continue to delight their audiences.



Send us a shoutout and we'll receive it with a smile and share it with the crew. Or invite the film to a festival or other screening, and we'll happy to deliver.



Tero Peltoniemi

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Toni Air